By Marc Campos

He Said What!

Commentary thinks that Guv Dude ought to show a little leadership for a change and tell the Top State Trooper to take a hike. DPS Director Col. Thomas Davis, Jr. told a Sunset Commission hearing up in Austin yesterday that the DPS is "operating better than I've ever seen it." Huh! Adios MoFo!

This GOP fella Austen Furse who is running for Senate District 17 had on his webpage a picture of the Capitol like most state office candidate webpages do. It turns out his webpage had a picture of our nation’s Capitol. He changed it yesterday evening. While I was checking out his website I found this: “Locally, he led an effort opposing a taxpayer-funded sports stadium. He was a co-founder of Let the People Vote, a grass-roots citizen’s effort that failed to force an election on the Main Street Light Rail line…..” I wonder if he was fighting new cribs for the ‘Stros or Rockets or both. I wonder if he ever shows up at The Yard. I wonder if he’s ever taken the light rail line.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is floating U.S. Rep Chet Edward as a possible VP candidate for Obama. Hey, Commentary likes that idea. That is ‘Stro connection for sure. My good friend Drayton hosts a fundraiser for Rep. Edwards every year at The Yard. I’ve been to a couple of them.

132 years ago today, the Sioux and Cheyenne put a hurt on Col. George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Cavalry at Little Bighorn – Custer’s Last Stand.

In the race for National League All-Star First Baseman, Lance Berkman has the nomination just about all wrapped up with a lead of over a half million delegates. Miguel Tejada has fallen to second place in the race for Shortstop. Tejada is behind by 70,664 delegates. Commentary has heard from unreliable sources that the ‘Stros have brought in recently laid off Hillary organizers to help gather Tejada delegates during the current 10 game home stand. I think Tejada needs a campaign slogan – hey how about – Si Se Puede!

Commentary walked by the campaign headquarters last night and once again they ran out of delegate pledge cards – good job! Meanwhile, 40 thousand plus saw the Big Puma hit a two run dinger to help get us back to 12 games out.

June 25, 2008 9:00AM

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