By Marc Campos

Wondering, Tying the Knot, The Gordian Knot, and 2,996

The touring Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi who wants to be U.S. Senator from Texas was in H-Town last week to visit with key Dem leaders. Guess what? He didn’t call Commentary. Maybe he thought I was at the yard – nope – the ‘Stros were out of town last week. Maybe he didn’t have my phone number. Maybe he reads Daily Commentary. I wonder if he visited with CEWDEM. I wonder who he met with. I wonder who got the privilege and honor. I know some key folks that didn’t get the honors.

In today’s and yesterday’s Chron there are real long pieces on legal rip-offs at the courthouse. I wonder if Dems will make this an issue in the local races next year. The word is Dems have put together a list of candidates for all the local judgeships that will be up next year. I wonder if they got the Latino vote strategy in place.

Speaking of Latinos, the local Hispanic Chamber is going Downtown, hey, but they are still in District I. Props go to Dr. Laura and Edgar on the move. They are closer to the action – like City Hall and the yard.

Speaking of District I, James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy get married this Saturday. Commentary will be there in a tux – hey, the wedding is black tie optional and James asked me – why not. I can’t refuse the groom’s request on his wedding day, he’ll fire me. Among those attending are Commentary regulars Pam-In-Charge, The Young Political Consultant That …., My Best Friend and his wife Julie, their daughter and my God Daughter Lisette, My Niece Cristina, Dante’s Mom, Da Bell and his wife Allison, and One Of My Best Friends, plus about a kazillion of James’ and The Lovely Wendy’s fans and family.

Speaking of cool, go check out “Ocean’s 13” with Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Pacino, Barkin, Cheadle, Gould, Reiner, Garcia, and Mac - it is very entertaining.

Commentary is always learning. Yesterday’s crossword puzzle probably would have been solved if it wasn’t for the old Gordian Knot. What the heck is a Gordian Knot? Now I know.

I think NBAer Jalen Rose said it the best. “The Sopranos” fans were whacked a couple of weeks ago. You see, since 1999, we all became part of the deal, errr, family. We knew everything. We invested a lot of our time and emotions. We felt their pain. So in the end, we were there in the diner munching on onion rings, sitting next to Tony and Carmela when all of a sudden the screen went black – we got whacked because we knew too much period.

Speaking of getting whacked, the ‘Stros are 11 out and the Roger/Andy Yankees are 11 and ½ out. Craig Biggio got number 2,996 last night and we barely survived – yikes! We’re hurting, our bullpen is shot, and we’re in Milwaukee for three. At least we have Biggio to root for and watch as he approaches the magical 3,000 – now that’s special.

June 25, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary