By Marc Campos

On Your Mark, Get Set....

It looks like H-Townís 2009 mayoral start is off to the races. CEWDEM sent out a note on the Peter Brown for H-Town Mayor Campaign holding a meeting with supporters last month and this past weekend. Brown, a member of the H-Town City Council, has assembled a team to get his campaign into gear. Commentary has been involved in H-Town mayoral campaigns forever and I canít remember the campaign season getting started even before the preseason.

Letís see now, we still havenít had the national conventions. We havenít elected a new Prez. We donít know whoís going to be running the Harris County Courthouse. It looks like activists, civic leaders, business leaders, opinion makers, and money givers will kind of be forced to make early decisions on who they want to support. I wonder when the first dreaded questionnaire will be sent out. Stay tuned!

Commentary got around to seeing Indiana Jones have a close encounter with ETís family. It is the fourth best Indiana Jones flick. Check it out or you can wait for the DVD.

ĎStros starter Shawn Chacon is now a former starter. Heís now in the bullpen. Heís not too happy about it either. Well, a lot of us arenít too happy where the team is nowadays so get over it pal. By the way, where did we get the term bullpen? Wikipedia has a few takes on this. Commentary likes: ďAt the turn of the century, outfield fences were often adorned with advertisements for Bull Durham Tobacco. Since relievers warmed up in a nearby pen, the term bullpen was created.Ē Take that!

We won two out of three in St. Pete and now are 13 games back Ė YIKES!

June 23, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary