By Marc Campos

Friday's Props, Not So Props

The Assault Continues. The City of Lawrenceville, Georgia has decided not to buy fiction books in Spanish for their public library. They say it sends the wrong message. What are they going to do next - order their city restaurant inspectors to shut down restaurants that have carne guisada, fajitas and guacamole printed on their menus?

Here's to The Dirty Baker's Dozen: Senators Akaka, Boxer, Durbin, Feingold, Harkin, Inouye, Jeffords, Kennedy, Kerry, Lautenberg, Leahy, Menendez, and Wyden for supporting a resolution to have us out of Iraq in a year.

He's back! I'm talking about Roger of course. I think he looked good last night. It kind of reminded me of last year, you know, Roger pitches and only gives up two runs, and our hitters give him zero run support. Now we have to go on the road to face the teams with the two best records in baseball - the dreaded White Sox (47-25) this weekend and the Tigers (48-25) next Monday. Yikes!!

This guy needs to see the Skipper Whisperer. White Sox Manger Ozzie Guillen has been ordered by Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to take sensitivity training after he dropped the M Bomb (I'm guessing on this one, until I verify) on a Chicago sportswriter. Guillen is the same fella that publicly berated one of his pitchers for not hitting an opposing batter. Guillen also said a few days back that at last year's World Series, Astro Skipper Phil Garner refused to shake his hand before a ballgame. Garner says Guillen has some "issues" and needs help. Ozzie needs to listen to Scrap Iron or else his mouth might get his a__ thrown out of baseball.

Team USA's pitiful performance in the World Cup didn't disappoint us. Why? Cause we don't give a rat's a__ about soccer.

How about Mexican futbol fan? "El Tri" advances to the Round of 16 and Mexican fans proceed to publicly cuss out "El Tri's" head coach. - for inspiration maybe. Wonder if they dropped the M Bomb?

June 23, 2006, 9:00AM

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