By Marc Campos

The Betting Line

According to the Vegas line, Spurs by 5 tonight. Ummmm. Take the points and lay it all on the Pistons. That doesn't mean the Pistons will win, just means that Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be close.

In today's Texas newspapers, an internal poll conducted for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said she would have beaten the tar out of Governor Dude in the GOP primary. Kind of like the movie "Gladiator", she opted for the thumbs up. Interesting, most bettors had their money on Guv Dude.

The early money is on Guv Dude against Lady Leghorn. Good bet? Guv Dude has a record of doing some not so smart things - "mofo", "get on down the road," jumping the rail, supreme court opinion predictions, and special sessions ad nauseum ... you get picture. On the other hand, for the past three years, Lady Leghorn has been steadily cracking on Guv Dude. Maybe the hard right is tired of Guv Dude's act. Commentary is betting that Lady Leghorn will make things interesting soon.

June 23, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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