By Marc Campos

Reversal Of Fortunes

It looks like they also post Daily Commentary down at City Hall. It turns out the city has had a change of heart and is going to find the money to keep the day labor sites open. It’s a good move to keep Commentary happy rather than the Mini Men and the folks that promote hate.

Meanwhile, it looks like the toll road gods are backtracking on doubling the fees on one of the toll roads thanks to a bunch of irate emails from drivers. It looks like the toll road gods are mere mortals. Let them eat humble pie.

Speaking of City Hall, My PR Agent in her column today in the Chron says some less than flattering things about H-Town’s Mayor. She says “he’s out of new ideas”, he has an “unambitious budget”, and the budget “lacks an overriding mission.” She adds he “lacks an organization.” Ouch!

The Dean is getting a lot of unwanted run these days. The Dean says he didn’t do it and he’s got witnesses to back him up. That’s good enough for Commentary. Hey maybe next time he ought to act like The Dean and have somebody else order for him. That way he will avoid silly confrontations. It’s good to be The Dean.

The buzz is starting to build – talking about the James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy wedding in eight days. Commentary will probably have wall to wall pre wedding coverage next week leading up to the big day.

The ‘Stros are in Arlington this weekend for three to see who ends up with the Silver Sombrero. I wonder if any of Los Caballitos will make the trip up there. If they do, hope they avoid Redneck Branch and Oak Pointless, Texas – let’s win all three.

June 22, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary