By Marc Campos

Hey A__hole, Vote For Me,
I Gots Morals

Governor Dude, you can't ride the high horse of morality and at the same time "mofo" folks. You're not the governor of Deadwood. To Lady Foghorn Leghorn, you can't call Governor Dude a "do nothing Drugstore Cowboy" - which is a character slam - unless you have back-up. You guys aren't wasting time sliding into a morality free mudfest zone.

Dems need to pounce on Governor Dude for being a foul mouth. Say something like "when middle school kids start "mofoing" each other, it's Guv Dude's fault." Anytime a child utters a four letter bomb, blame Guv Dude. The way this GOP primary is starting out, there is no way the GOP can claim the morality high road heading into the 2006 general - unless the Dems fail to capitalize - which is always a possibility.

June 22, 2005, 9:00AM

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