By Marc Campos

City Hall 1, Paperless Folks 0

Move over Redneck Branch and Oak Pointless, Texas – H-Town is now officially in the business of banging on the paperless folks. Way to go. I am embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed this morning.

On the front page of today’s Chron there is a story about the City of Houston cutting off funding for a day labor site. The Mayor’s mouthpiece says “there are many who say we shouldn’t spend taxpayer money on it, because it encourages illegal immigration.” This fella needs a new job. It looks like they caved into the folks that promote hate. The “H” in H-Town has another meaning this morning.

Commentary isn’t proud of H-Town this morning. Heck, I’ve been bragging about our tolerance and diversity forever it seems – not anymore. City Hall is making me look real bad. Yesterday, H-Town’s City Council passed the budget. It looks like I’m going to have to check it out real closely to see if they stuck a fence in there someplace.

The sad thing about this is the day labor site is in a part of town that hateful folks don’t even frequent. It is interesting, the local Latino Dem group used to have a question on their screening/endorsement questionnaire on support for the day labor site. I wonder if they still have copies lying around to see who had the old kings ex.

Looks like The Dean is getting some press he doesn’t want. A wait person at a watering hole next to the Texas State Capitol is saying some not so nice things about The Dean. I guess The Dean isn’t a big tipper.

Angels 23, ‘Stros 22. We lost two of three. I stayed up until 12:14 am this morning. We’re ten out and heading to Arlington. Meanwhile, Chad Qualls is getting suspended three games for his childish behavior Monday evening. After getting punked the other night, he chunked the baseball into the upper deck. Heck, it was probably his best pitch of the night. We need to make up some ground real quick.

June 21, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary