By Marc Campos

The Bad News - Good News

It looks like Lone Star State Dems will have to put up with The Kinkhole’s act again. In today’s news accounts he is saying that he is looking at running for governor as a Dem in 2010. Translation – he’ll be coming out with another book and he needs the free publicity. That means we will have to put up with his tired and recycled one liners and his bashing of paperless folks. The good news is that after he gets his arse handed to him by Dem primary voters, we won’t have to put us with his sorry shtick during the 2010 general election.

Here’s from a Chron story today on the torching of Guv Dude’s pad: “A sole state trooper on duty when the arsonist entered the mansion grounds was working at a computer station and not looking at a video console showing images from the functioning security cameras.”

What the heck is the trooper doing working at a computer station at 1:30 in the morning when he’s supposed to be guarding Dude’s pad. Maybe he was checking out the latest CEWDEM email notice. I think they got those computer gizmos that can check out what you’ve been doing on a computer. It would be interesting to know what the trooper was working on.

Should we be surprised that under Guv Dude’s watch, 7 out of the 20 security video cameras and the infrared beam system were out of commission at his pad? Heck, the way Guv Dude handles state government, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if thieves hauled off the San Jacinto Monument in the middle of the night.

The Chron has a piece today about St. Arnold beer. Check it out.

Here’s a quote from a column on FoxSports.com yesterday on Tiger: “Fellas, if you can't beat Tiger when he can barely walk, what are you going to do after his rehab? Remove the grips from his clubs?” Ouch!

Lets’ see now, our pitchers give up way too many dingers, we’re lacking in clutch hitting, and we’re getting out managed. That’s why we’ve lost eight straight and are still twelve behind.

June 20, 2008 9:00AM

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