By Marc Campos

Complaint Desk, Heat, Bricks, Gas Thieves

Folk email Commentary on a regular basis and some complain that I need to start talking more about politics and less about the Houston Astros. Forgettaboutit! The 'Stros are the best entertainment H-town has had in years. Folks that aren't even big baseball fans love the 'Stros around here. Plus, baseball is the best game that was ever invented period.

I try my best to talk a lot of politics, but the problem is there is not a whole lot going on in politics around these parts nowadays. What do you want me to talk about - the massive effort that is being organized across the state to prepare Dems for the November elections? The Kinkster gets run on national TV. Foghorn's got the fellas that give serious $$$ to Dems. We got the folks that just held on to running the State Dem Party, and why, so they could continue to run the Party, errrr, into the ground? I'm not going to make stuff up - well, I might.

The 'Stros are a lot more interesting than some of our politics today. Even my old friend Drayton sent me a genuine handwritten note yesterday thanking me for being his guest at the yard the other day. That counts!

I guess my hex still has a shot - talking about Dallas' hoops team. Remember a couple of weeks back when Dallas put out the No Vacancy sign when it comes to evacuees and Commentary said to root against their basketball team in the playoffs? All I can say is Heat 3, Mavs 2 - Go Heat! Anyway, like one of our local sports radio talk show hosts said the other day, Houston fans aren't suppose to root for Dallas pro sports teams.

I forgot to mention this. At the Cardinals' new yard in San Luis, they have bricks embedded in the sidewalks that commemorate key events in Cardinal history. I took a photo of the one dated 10/21/04 that said the Cards punked the 'Stros in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series to advance to the World Series. Then I also ran across the one that talks about Albert Pujols' dramatic 3 run dinger that stunned Houston fans last October.

The Young Political Consultant that works for Commentary told me about her friend that recently had her gas tank siphoned by gasoline thieves. Ahhhh, sign of the times.

June 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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