By Marc Campos

Macho, Macho, Dude!

Guv Dude reminds Commentary of one of those that we all know - the kind that doesn’t want to let go. In Dude’s case he thinks that being macho is still the coolest thing in the Lone Star State. He probably still sits around and pops in “Giant” into the DVD player every night sipping on a cold Lone Star and chewing on a stick of beef jerky. His latest machoism is saying that he fully intends to be around when the Governor’s Mansion is rebuilt meaning he will get reelected in 2010. He says it in a tone smothered in cockiness. Guv Dude said it is going to happen so I guess we can take it to the bank – sure. Dude’s politically delusional and it is obvious he’s been watching way too many westerns.

Speaking of, the American Film Institute (AFI) came out with another set of lists a couple of days ago – best movies by genre. The categories were Epic, Courtroom Drama, Gangster, Romantic Comedy, Mystery, Sports, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Animation, and Western.

Three of Commentary’s all time favorites led their category: “The Godfather” – Gangster, “The Wizard of Oz” – Fantasy, and “The Searchers” – Western. I don’t think they had a category for “Casablanca”, one of my other all time favorites.

The men’s professional 2008 golf season is over. Tiger Woods is having surgery and won’t play again until 2009 – BUMMER! That is kind of like having a baseball season without the National League, the Yankees and Red Sox competing – who cares. The fun and interest of the PGA is watching Tiger against everybody else. There is nothing but the scrubs left playing for the last two majors and the Rider Cup – BUMMER! I wonder how the scrubs feel about getting their arses whipped by a guy with only one good leg.

Speaking of, has anybody seen 25 guys in their 20s and 30s that were last seen wearing brick red? They include some Anglos, Latinos, African Americans, and an Asian. They may be accompanied by some older guys who say they know what they are doing. Commentary thinks they used to play the game of baseball. If you happen to run into them, tell them that they are still 12 games out.

June 19, 2008 9:00AM

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