By Marc Campos

Chron 1, City Hall 0

Who says you canít fight city hall. Donít tell that to the Chron. My hat goes off to the Chron for getting the City of Houston PD to stop issuing those ridiculous citations for license plate frames. If the Chron hadnít run that front page story, drivers would still be getting nailed.

Oak Point, Texas is a sorry little burg up north in Denton County I had never heard of until this morning. I guess they are somehow related to Redneck Branch. Their city council passed a resolution recently making English the burgís official language Ė great. Whatís the point? I guess the Oak Pointless PD will create a Menu Squad that will crackdown on restaurants and fast food joints that have tacos, carne guisada, fajitas, caldo, and tortillas in print.

The Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi that wants to be U.S. Senator from Texas who is also Anti Choice is on his tour of the Lone Star State checking things out. I donít think heís made it to H-Town yet. Other than the SA Express/Chron story on the Choice issue, Commentary hasnít heard a peep on this matter. Going peepless isnít good.

Speaking of peeps, some folks at the yard have a sign that says ďPenceís PeepsĒ Ė talking about Hunter. They can do better than that, canít they? Peeps? Arenít they those little pink and yellow marshmallow things you get around Easter time?

Commentary stayed up until 12:46 AM this morning to watch the ĎStros blow a five run lead Ė arrrrgh! Somebody needs to tell ĎStrosí reliever Chad Qualls to grow up and get his head out of his arse Ė period.

June 19, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary