By Marc Campos

A Deadly Affair

A while back a fella was being tried on a capital murder rap up in North Texas and apparently at the time the lead prosecutor was sleeping with the judge. The fella was found guilty and nearly got the bad juice last night but at the last second got him a reprieve – whew! Who in the heck can stand up and say the fella received a fair trial while the prosecutor and the judge were ban___g away?

From today’s Austin American Statesman: "Only in Texas," said Lawrence Fox, who teaches law at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. "If we're going to have the death penalty in America, then we better conduct the proceedings in a pristine way."

Now that’s a good one – carrying out the death penalty in a “pristine way.” I’m sorry but “death” and “pristine” don’t belong in the same sentence. FYI: Commentary is against the death penalty.

Four bucks plus gasoline is making the Prez campaign debate on energy policy worth watching. John McCain visited H-Town yesterday and laid out his revised energy plan which calls for offshore drilling in places we haven’t drilled before. I think all bets are off on how voters will respond to the candidates’ energy policy proposals.

CEWDEM sent out the Lone Star Project’s “Texas Republican Rap Sheet” – yikes! (Check it out). The rap sheet raps the Harris County GOP County Judge, the GOP Sheriff, a GOP County Commissioner, and the former GOP DA. Local Dems can expect incoming for sure. I don’t think the local GOP is going to let Dems do all the rapping. Let’s see who has the better rappers.

In the race for National League All Star First Baseman, Lance Berkman is still in first place with a 391,826 delegate lead. In the race for NL Shortstop, Miguel Tejada’s lead is down to 68,112 delegates.

After last night, I don’t even want to talk about why we’re still 12 games behind.

June 18, 2008 9:00AM

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