By Marc Campos

Kiss Council Goodbye

It looks like the local GOP will abandon their strategy of taking over H-Town’s City Council. Their GOP Latino fella got his arse handed to him Saturday night. I guess that’s what happens when they try to make paperless folks an issue. Hey, this is H-Town, not Redneck Branch. We now have four good Dems serving in At-Large City Council positions – with one to go.

Congrats go to Melissa Noreiga and her team for running a great campaign.

The local GOP now shifts their strategy to holding on to county offices – stay tuned.

There is a publication called Latino Leaders that sends its magazine to Commentary. The magazine came out last week with their “Top 101 Leaders of the Latino Community in the U.S.” On the list are Guv Dude, The Governator, Bill Gates, Hillary, Mayor Bloomberg, Rudy G., and Speaker Pelosi. Huh?

The Chron ran a story yesterday about H-Town’s police department issuing tickets to folks that have partially covered license plates even though the law is fixing to change. It would be nice if the city leaders would tell the police officers to cool it but they are not because it is a revenue source. Here’s an idea! Maybe the Chron should run a huge front page picture of an acceptable license plate so folks can be warned and maybe change the frame around their plates.

Tiger is freaking good period. In the last four majors he’s won two and come in second twice. He was in it until the last putt yesterday.

I’m glad they still post Daily Commentary in the ‘Stros clubhouse – they swept all three. Commentary was a good sport Saturday and donated some of my blood before the game at the yard. Hey they were giving away cool T-Shirts. We’re eight down and ready to make a move.

June 18, 2007 9:00AM

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