By Marc Campos

Lone Star Style CSI

The Lone Star Stateís Chief Arson Investigator considerably narrowed down the list of suspects yesterday when he said the fella that torched Guv Dudeís pad was probably a male Caucasian that is mad at state government. Letís see now, over 2.8 million Dems that are mad at state government voted in March. Letís say a little under half were male and letís eliminate African American male voters. Thatís probably a little under a million male suspects. Plus, that is not including the folks that donít like the toll road projects, higher tuition costs, and an under funded public education system. Now that is what you call Lone Star style CSI.

Commentary has to hand it to Al Gore for his one liner last night on putting the T back in BLT.

Tiger spent time in Commentaryís office yesterday. Golf playoff TV coverage involving Tiger is pretty amazing. Unlike regular round coverage where they switch from player to player to player hitting or putting the golf balls, in playoff TV coverage you get to see a lot more of what they go through. In Tigerís case, heís a freaking focused machine. Commentary thinks heís the greatest athlete of our era Ė period.

It looks like Major League Baseball is heading toward instant replay for dingers only. I wish they wouldnít go down that road. I really donít think the fans want it.

Commentary is hoping the ĎStros can start to make their move this evening at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

June 17, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary