By Marc Campos

The Weekend

I didnít get to have my Sunday coffee with Tim Russert yesterday. Sundays will never be the same.

A year ago a lot of folks thought that Rudy G might be the GOP nominee for Prez. Even Guv Dude endorsed him. Well, it didnít happen. Friday night he was in town to throw out the first pitch of the ĎStro/Yankee game. He stayed for the whole game. A couple of blocks away the State GOP was having its convention. I didnít read anything about Rudy G dropping by and visiting with the GOP delegates Ė interesting.

Speaking of, a few years ago Commentary supported a fella for H-Town City Council At-Large a couple of times and a couple of times he came up short. I saw him at The Yard this weekend and he was wearing a Yankee hat. I donít know about that. I called him out for wearing Yankee gear at The Yard against the ĎStros. I didnít even hang around for him to try to respond. Iím now kind of glad he didnít win.

At The Yard this weekend, they probably set a record for visiting fans. I think there were more Yankee fans there than Cubbie or Braves fans when they visit. Heck they even had racks of Yankee gear available in all the gift shops.

It looks like they posted Fridayís Daily Commentary in the Yankee clubhouse. Here was my last line: ďHey, wouldnít a sweep be nice!Ē

Things donít look so good with the team. In todayís Chron, hereís what Coop had to say:

"I was embarrassed, totally embarrassed by this. And we're not going to settle for it anymore. It won't happen again. They don't play hard, they don't play. Simple. And today we didn't play hard; we didn't even show up, didn't even compete. Totally embarrassing. Forty-thousand people (in the stands), and we didn't even show up. It won't happen again."

Hereís what Roy O had to say about Big Puma, Kaz and Ty getting the day off yesterday:

"You've got one of the hottest hitters in baseball not playing. Ty Wigginton is swinging the bat unbelievable. Matsui gets on and works the count for us. I'm not taking anything away from the other guys, but when your regulars aren't in it seems like the intensity isn't as high."

I donít think weíre playing real good baseball right now and thatís why we are 12 games out Ė ouch!

Iím not giving up but Iím glad they have the day off today and hit the road for a week.

Meanwhile, Iíll switch to ESPN/NBC today to check out Tiger going for Major #14.

June 16, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary