By Marc Campos

Best of …

Earlier this year, an Austin-based website released the list of “Best Political Consultants.” We’ve seen the media publish lists of top ten donors – by individuals and PACs. How about best Texas campaigns of the year?

Maybe Mark Strama’s legislative race in Austin last year? How about Chet Edwards’? Hardberger over Castro? How would you rate a campaign? The winner being outspent? How many Repub winners make the list?

Does a winning campaign have a better chance of getting on the list if the campaign does not hire consultants?

How about “Best Political Reporters”. Not likely to see such a list. If someone were to ever put together such a list, this someone would be guaranteed of only having one political reporter ever returning their phone call. Commentary can’t afford that luxury.

June 16, 2005, 9:00AM

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"High Powered Consultants"