By Marc Campos

A Choice Debate And Targeting A Craddick Darling

Commentary and a Latino Political Consultant from H-Town had an interesting discussion yesterday about next year’s Texas U.S. Senate race. The discussion centered on whether or not Choice would be the focus of debate in the coming months amongst Texas Dem activists. Is the Dem thirst to win a senate race in Texas so great that Pro Choice folks are told to take a hike by the Dem money folks? Let’s say a potential major Dem candidate opposed affirmative action programs, would Latinos and African Americans want to take a back seat in order for Dems to win? Let’s hope the debate will take place. Let’s hope the debate isn’t swept under the rug.

Let’s hope H-Town Dem activists go the polls tomorrow with their friends and family and vote for Melissa Noriega in the $350,000 Shelley Special. Let’s hope for a 2 to 1 victory and then wait to see what kind of excuse the local GOP puts out for getting their arses kicked.

Rumor has it that one of Craddick’s Darlings from H-Town will have an opponent in next year’s Dem Party Primary. The legislative district has one of the world’s lowest voter turnouts. It’ll be interesting to see where the Dem special interests line up in this race.

James Rodriguez gets married in 15 days. James and The Lovely Wendy are getting ready for the big day and at the same time are still campaigning in District I – whew!

Lisette Luna gets married in 22 days – cool!

Tiger is in the hunt for another major this weekend. I think he just might do it.

The local Hispanic Chamber honchos, Laura and Edgar, were at the yard yesterday afternoon sitting with Drayton. I wonder if the Chron Latino sports columnist took notice. Let’s see, James Rodriguez was sitting with Drayton Tuesday evening. Carol Alvarado and her parents were sitting with Drayton on Wednesday evening. Maybe the Latino Chron sports columnist will give them a mention – I doubt it.

While conducting business at the yard yesterday sitting in Pam-In-Charge’s seats, Commentary snagged a foul ball. Unfortunately for me the dreaded kid was sitting nearby. You know, the kid with a glove hoping for that chance to catch a foul ball. Commentary coughed it up and gave it to the kid – durn! I came home empty handed. The ‘Stros also came up empty handed. We’re nine out with Ichiro and the Mariners visiting for three. The weekend would be nice if we got all three and Commentary came home with the Ausmus Surfer Bobblehead. See you at the yard!

June 15, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary