By Marc Campos

Matt Santosí Neighborhood, The Odds

West Wingís Democratic Party nominee Matt Santos is from Houstonís Denver Harbor (DH) neighborhood. He grew up on Market Street. Market Street runs down the middle of DH.

Former Houston City Council Member Ben Reyes and former State Representative Al Luna also lived on Market Street in DH. The late State Representative Joe E. Moreno, a DH native, lived a block off of Market Street. Former Houston Independent School District Trustee Tina Reyes (Benís sister) lived on Market Street. Harris County Justice of the Peace Richard Vara grew up in Denver Harbor.

DH has produced a healthy share of Houstonís Latino political leadership. Makes sense that Matt Santos grew up in DH.

What are the odds? District 143 candidate Laura Salinas - a Commentary client Ė also was raised in Denver Harbor. Salinas still lives in DH. Guess what? Salinas lives on Market Street. Coincidence? If I were a betting . . . .

June 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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