By Marc Campos

Double Standards

Woah! The Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi that wants to be U.S. Senator from Texas is Anti Choice according to today’s SA Express News. Pro Choice is one of the strong core values that define the Democratic Party – period. We can’t turn the other cheek when it comes to this issue. Roe is on the GOP chopping block so we have to be real careful. Texas Dem activists are being irresponsible by going gaga over a kazillionaire candidate just because he has a ton of money. When it comes to Pro Choice, do we really want Cornyn Lite? There are no free passes or get out of jail cards when it comes to Pro Choice in the Democratic Party. Heck, Rudy G. has a better position on this issue.

“Knocked Up” is a popular movie in local theaters that stars folks of the Anglo persuasion. If “Knocked Up” was the title of a hip hop song or a Spike Lee Joint, don’t you think they would be getting nailed by the political correctness patrol?

In today’s Chron there is a piece about H-Town’s new Hotel ZaZa and how they are edgy when it comes to the sex thing – decadence they call it. The hotel is being touted as the new cool hangout for the elite. The article implies that babes are part of the hotel’s ambiance. Yeah, I’m sure some of the folks that will be hanging out there will be some of the same folks that want to lecture you and me on morals.

I’m glad there was finally some shoving going on in the ‘Stros dugout last night. It would have been nicer if someone wearing brick red would have been decked. They need a leader in the dugout to emerge that will let them know that losing is not an acceptable attitude. They need to be in constant fear of the dreaded foot up their arse!

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June 13, 2007 9:00AM

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