By Marc Campos

The Reunion

High school reunions. Some folks like going to them, some folks don't. Commentary likes them. Been to 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, and just recently the 35th. Our high school had 430 or so grads and 47 classmates showed up to Reunion XXXVX. Props go to former classmates who put in the time to find folks and organize the things - hey, I brought the ice. One of the classmates keeps us all on an email list. She lets us know everything - who is where, who has died, who is sick - you get the picture.

It is a small world. At the reunion, classmate walks up to Commentary and informs me that she is the mother of a kid that I have known since he was in middle school - he's 21 now. The kid is one of the best friends of one of the special people (BJ) in Commentary's life. Commentary has picked up and dropped off the kids at the classmate's home a number of times - never knew she was the friend's mom. Never saw her. Knew she lived in the neighborhood. Actually ran into her at the local grocery store a few years back and introduced myself to her, told her we were in the same high school class. The look on her face, get lost pal - maybe she thought I was hitting on her.

Apparently BJ was over at his friend's house on the day of the reunion and the classmate said she was going to her high school reunion that night and BJ said that I was going to mine. Upon further discussion, they figured out we were going to the same reunion.

At Reunion X in 1980, we - at least I - had something to brag about. Our high school class was sending two delegates to the National Democratic Convention that was being held in New York City that summer. Commentary, before Commentary, was a Ted Kennedy delegate, another fellow was a President Jimmy Carter delegate. How many high school classes in America can say two classmates from the same high school graduation class were delegates to the same national party convention? Google that. Don't think the other fellow showed up to Reunion X, he did show up to Reunion XX - he later went on to become a member of the Texas House of Representatives - no, not from District 143.

June 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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