By Marc Campos

Not News, Old News

Commentary never gets riled at what Fox News puts out because they are not in the business of putting out the news. They are in the business of promoting an agenda. So when they take shots at Hillary, Obama or Obamaís wife, I just let out a big yawn.

You know things are slow over at the GOP State Convention being held in H-Town when the news of the day is Ron Paulís race for Prez is over Ė huh!

In todayís Chron coverage of the GOP convention, they give a rundown on what the speakers said. The Harris County GOP Judge told delegates yesterday that Dallas County (the 2006 General Election) might have been the Alamo, but Harris County would be the San Jacinto battleground. Letís see now, the Mexican Army kicked arse in March of 1836, and the Texicans led by Sam Houston caught the Mexicans in siesta mode in April of the same year Ė interesting.

I had a talk yesterday with a ranking GOP Latino who is not too happy with how the GOP is smacking around paperless folks. I asked him yesterday how many Latinos were over at the GOP convention. Other than the convention center help, he didnít think there were many.

The new Lone Star State Dem Vice-Chair got some run in todayís Chron. Way to go Lenora Sorola-Pohlman!

Before there were Colt 45s, err now ĎStros, Commentary was a New York Yankee fan. I used to follow Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Elston Howard, Bobby Richardson, Roger Maris, Casey Stengel, and on and on. They are still my favorite American League team. I love the Yankee mystique and their history.

I was there opening weekend in 1965 at the Astrodome. I was there at the Inaugural Game in 2000 at The Yard. I was there at Yankee Stadium in June of 2003 when six ĎStros pitchers combined for a no-no.

Iíll be there this weekend when the Bronx Bombers visit The Yard. Iím sure Pam-In-Charge and her crew are making sure that the SRO crowds for three games have a memorable experience. Heck, Iím even getting there a couple of hours before the first pitch Saturday to give a little blood in exchange for a T-Shirt and cookie. Hey, wouldnít a Yankee sweep be nice!

June 13, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary