By Marc Campos

Texas Pride

Hey buddy, can you spare a vote. You know W's a lame duck when he has to go begging his own GOP U.S. Senators for help. That's sad. Apparently, he didn't even rate loose pocket change - pitiful.

Only in Austin maybe? Today’s Chron has a front page story on Austin’s ¾ of a mil forgivable loan to Las Manitas – a favored eatery of Austin’s players. Commentary’s eaten there a few times – foods OK. Some Austin folks aren’t too happy that a restaurant got a neat loan. I don’t think we could pull that off in H-Town. I don’t think we have an eating place where H-Town’s players all hangout to scarf up. Some folks here go to the Breakfast Klub, some to La Griglia, some to Merida – you get the picture. I can’t think of any place here in H-Town that is worthy of a forgivable loan.

A few days ago, Laredo’s mayor gave the order to remove a newspaper from the city’s airport. The newspaper had been critical of the mayor in a recent edition. Somebody needs to tell the Laredo mayor that Laredo is in Texas and Texas isn’t a Third World nation. Way to go Laredo. That’s unforgivable. FYI – Commentary’s sister lives in Laredo.

The GOP Latino fella that is fixing to get clobbered by Melissa Noreiga in the $350,000 Shelley Special should have listened to Commentary by throwing in the towel before the runoff – No Mas! He does not have a chance by continuing to make paperless folks his Numero Uno issue. Even some prominent Rs are giving money to Melissa. Sorry pal, errr amigo. He appears to be only getting lip service from the local GOP party – that’s also unforgivable.

James Rodriguez, the State Rep from District 134, her trusted aide Billy, and a couple of local bankers were sitting with Drayton last night and all got mug time on the tube. They stayed the whole 11 innings. I bet they had good conversation.

Commentary sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats last night. They are pretty cool seats, almost as good as mine. They are right there by the ‘Stros’ on deck circle. I had a few conversations during the game with Numero 45, Hunter and Roy O. I told Numero 45 that I give him a lot of Commentary run - he said he was aware - cool. Brad Lidge returned as the closer last night and he chumped out - that's also unforgivable. At least they did not play Lights Out when he entered the game. Brad Ausmus had to save the day - that ought to tell you something about the season.

Commentary’s older sister Sylvia turned 60 a couple of days ago. We celebrated by going on a boat ride in Austin where she lives - kind of like a three hour cruise - nice.

June 13, 2007 9:00AM

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