By Marc Campos

Dude’s Bad Act

Guv Dude’s is putting on his macho act again. He’s durn mad about his pad getting torched. According to news reports, a couple of security cameras weren’t working and there was only one trooper on duty Saturday night. Knowing how state government is working nowadays, the trooper probably only had one bullet. Hey, Guv Dude, you are supposedly in charge! Why didn’t you make sure the cameras were working? Why didn’t you make sure the security detail consisted of more than one trooper? It is your pad so own up to being responsible.

Sorry pal! I think voters are getting tired of your act. In 2010, I don’t think voters will take too kindly to a homeless governor. Commentary thinks The Dean and his staff ought to be put in charge to figure out what happened Saturday night.

Tiger finally makes it back today.

It was a first last night as 33,000 plus ‘Stros fans chanted in unison “you s__k” which was directed at umpire Angel Campos (no relation) after he blew a couple of calls and ejected Brad Ausmus and Cecil Cooper.

Our pitchers lead the league in giving up dingers which is a big reason why we’re nine out.

My Best Friend and Commentary will play hooky this afternoon and go over to The Yard to check out the ‘Stros and Brewers. We will be sitting with our good friend Drayton so you can check out our mugs on the tube during the game.

June 12, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary