By Marc Campos

Irony, Yard Incident, Herb Scored, No S__t?

We were talking about the photos of the expired fella that was bagged last week in Iraq. My Buddy points out that the whole wide world was shown pictures of the dead fella, but we still can't see photos of flag draped caskets - interesting. Why not after they nail the fella, put him in a body bag, send him to his relatives, let him be buried - end of story. You get the feeling that they are going to send him to a taxidermist -well, you know.

Not exactly what you want to see when you go to the yard. Yesterday at the yard, some dude who was sitting close to us started to complain that the fan sitting next to him had too many extra lbs and his space was being violated. The dude wanted the security guy to make the heavier guy move. The sad thing was the complaining dude had his kid and wife with him. Talk about setting an example.

It is probably the wickedest thing that can happen on a baseball field. I actually didn't see it. The line drive hit by Lance Berkman that bounced off of the head of the Braves pitcher. I had my binoculars trained on Chris Burke who had just been hit by a pitch. I heard it though. It happened to Billy Wagner once. It literally ended the career of Herb Score of the Cleveland Indians. He was hit in the eye by a line drive in 1957. Horacio Ramirez, the Braves pitcher yesterday is OK. Bet he has one heck of a headache today.

From the No S__T Department. In yesterday's SA Express News - "Chris Bell's spokesman, Jason Stanford, acknowledged that name identification remained the campaign's central challenge. 'If we don't solve this problem, then nothing else matters,' Stanford said.

Also - "We didn't get this way overnight," the party's newly elected chairman, Boyd Richie, said earlier this week. "We're a minority party."

June 12, 2006, 9:00AM

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