By Marc Campos

Dem Fallout

Commentary got some feedback yesterday on the feud between H-Town Council Members Jolanda Jones and Sue Lovell. One thing is for sure, some folks are on an Anybody But Jolanda campaign in next year’s H-Town city council elections. Others said Jolanda is gearing up for a run against Sheila Jackson Lee in 2010 which is a by-product of Sheila not supporting Obama. This is interesting considering the fact that we still have November of 2008 to handle.

Speaking of, CEWDEM sent out the list of the Lone Star State Dem Delegation to Denver. I noticed that two of Sheila’s chief lieutenants made the list as At-Large Delegates for Hillary. What else is new?

The Former Young Poltical Consultant.....might get some run on Animal Planet. Apparently, Animal Planet has been following a little puppy that was up for adoption. Bethany Arnold adopted the puppy at the local SPCA and now Animal Planet wants to do a follow-up. Stay tuned!

Speaking of, there is a small item in the news today where fans of Cheeta from the old Tarzan flicks want a place for Cheeta on the Hollywood Walk of Stars. Apparently Cheeta is still alive and living in retirement at the age of 76 - wow!

We may want to check to see if Pam-In-Charge’s political team is available after the July 15 Major League All Star Classic. They have put together an impressive campaign that has the Big Puma in first place by over 274,000 delegates in the race for First Baseman. Of course, it helps that the Big Puma is extremely qualified and is batting .379 with 19 dingers and 56 RBIs. In the race for Shortstop, Miguel Tejada moved into first place and has an 119,000 delegate lead. The ‘Stros have a booth, errr campaign headquarters located in the Left Field concourse where they hand out incentives for rounding up delegates. For instance, if you sign up 500 delegates, you get a T-Shirt that says “Super Delegate.” Heck, the campaign is running so smooth that they ran out of delegate forms, errr ballots yesterday. Hope they get some new ballots today!

Viva Viagra! According to new reports yesterday, The Rocket supposedly gulped down some Viagra before he would pitch – yikes! I think the label said if you experience an erec___n for more than nine innings, call your physician immediately.

Roy O finally made it to The Yard last night but we are still eight out.

June 11, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary