By Marc Campos

Dem Dumb Fight, Not So Fast

Commentary doesn’t know all the facts but what is the deal with H-Town At-Large Council Member Jolanda Jones supporting Roslyn Shorter (who Commentary has never met – I think) for Democratic National Committee (DNC) against fellow At-Large Council Member Sue Lovell – the DNC incumbent. CM Lovell prevailed over Shorter at the Lone Star State Dem Convention in Austin this past weekend. I thought CMs Jones and Lovell were buddies. Lovell endorsed Jones when she was running last year for city council. Lovell was very supportive of Jones’ campaign. I like both of them and I hope they work things out.

The upcoming special election in Texas State Senate District 17 is a tough one for sure for Dems. Unless I got it all wrong and sometimes I do, the ballot position for this race will be at the very end of the ballot. Because it is a special election, the state senate candidates won’t benefit from straight ticket voting this year like the rest of the candidates for Congress, state representative, district judges, etc. It is a very different kind of campaign altogether where the challenge is to let your voters know how to cast votes for your candidate. A position at the end of the ballot also guarantees a considerable drop off in voting.

In November of 1998, Commentary was in charge of the late Joe Moreno’s run for State Rep. Joe’s race was on the ballot twice on Election Day. Joe was on the ballot as the Dem Party’s nominee and also at the end of the ballot for a special election because the incumbent legislator (G-Man) had resigned. There was a considerable drop off in voting from the two ballot positions – like close to 30%.

The other factor facing candidates is a multi candidate field pretty much means you’ll have a run-off election in early December. By then you may be facing an exhausted electorate so turning out your vote during the holiday season will be a major endeavor. Commentary can understand why potential Dem candidates are taking their time mulling things over.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the day off was helpful as the ‘Stros host the Brewers for three!

June 10, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary