By Marc Campos

The Mansion and Dem Usual Suspects

Lone Star State Dems had one of their best state conventions in a long time then Guv Dude’s pad gets torched – go figure that one out.

When Commentary was Special Assistant to Governor Mark White a long, long time ago, I had to go over to the Governor’s Mansion on an occasion or two. It is not going to surprise me if members of the DPS security detail get their arses handed to them in the near future. That is what you call a breach in security.

Commentary advised Dems heading to Austin to be on their best behavior. I hope Dems got out of town Saturday night and Sunday morning before they started rounding up the usual suspects – yikes!

Commentary heard a rumor that ‘Stros first round pick Jason Castro, a catcher from Stanford, has a nickname. You guessed it – “Stro”.

Just like the Chron says today, the ‘Stros gave it away yesterday – period. I hate to see them lose like that. We’re eight behind and it is a real good thing we have today off.

June 9, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary