By Marc Campos

Star Power, Foghorn

My PR Agent mentions today in her Chron political column that Texas Dems don't have a leader with "star power." That is an interesting observation. I guess she doesn't think our top of the ballot nominees for statewide office have "star power."

I think the next "star power" Dem will be of the Latina/Latino persuasion. I can think of an attractive, young, articulate, bilingual, and grass roots experienced Latina that fits the bill.

I know nobody wants to hear this - cause I know it sounds like a broken record - but State Dems ought to make the growing Latino vote their number one priority. There are a lot of potential votes out there just waiting to be organized. Plus, these potential voters are not too happy with the immigrant bashing GOP. Just a thought - a real good thought.

A "star power" Latina Dem leading a new energized voting community, now that's something worth pursuing.

Get serious. Lady Foghorn wants to be called "Grandma" on the official ballot. I don't think her handlers thought this one through. They got folks across the state laughing at her and cracking jokes about the "Grandma" request. That's never a good sign for a campaign.

June 9, 2006, 9:00AM

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