By Marc Campos

Laura Salinas Files, Pro Soccer, LoRod's Return

Expected to see front page Chron coverage this morning of Laura Salinas filing for State Representative, District 143. Not really. In the real old days, local media used to cover filings for offices like state rep. Don't count on it nowadays.

Laura Salinas filed yesterday in Austin. Some guy I never heard of has also filed. On the filing form there is a box where you mark down how long you've lived in the state, how long you've lived in the county, and how long you've had "continuous residence" in the district. No fudging allowed. Looking forward to seeing the other candidates' filing forms. Speaking of residency, congrats go out to one of Laura's opponents - today the opponent is now qualified to vote in District 143.

The other side, whoever the other side is, is putting out rumors questioning Laura Salinas' residency. I guess I would do that too if I had a residency problem. Typical campaign tactic - if my guy is getting nailed, make up something on the other guy. Not gonna work. And on to other matters...

Pro soccer is a casualty in the San Antonio mayoral race. Looks like Major League Soccer (MLS) won't be going to San Antonio. The soon to be gone mayor was pushing a proposal to lure a MLS franchise to SA. The soon to be mayor is saying that bringing pro soccer to SA is not on his list of priorities. I wonder if the soon to be mayor is listener of the Jim Rome Show?

Speaking of soccer, one of the young guns is a soccer freak. He actually plays the game - his team is in a city league. He knows soccer and all the players, like Commentary knows baseball and all the players. Commentary only knows Pele, Maradonna, Beckham, and the woman that took off her shirt after the USA won the World Cup. Young gun knows all about soccer, players, positions, strategies, schedules - you name it. I guess you could say that this young gun is a worldly dude.

LoRod's back. Good to see the Lori Rodriguez' by-line in the Chron today. She's on the cheese beat today.

June 9, 2005, 9:00AM

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