By Marc Campos

Lone Star Hollygood

Guv Dude signed a bill into law yesterday that includes a provision that film grants won’t be given to movie makers if the film is going to portray Texas in a negative manner. I guess grants won’t be issued to those that want to do a movie in Texas about the Texas or Harris County GOP, the Mini Men and Enron. Same goes for movies about the current Texas Legislature.

It doesn’t look good for the immigration bill. Way to go U.S. Senators from Texas. They’re lucky. They won’t get a movie either.

“The Sopranos” comes to an end Sunday night. Everybody is talking about how it will end. I’m betting the end will be classic – regardless of who gets wacked.

Two guys I really liked passed away recently. Former Austin Mayor Jeff Friedman and former Texas AFL-CIO honcho Harry Hubbard are gone. They both made a difference in Texas politics.

Lights in! Every sports columnist and sports talk show host in town has written the ‘Stros off for the year. Yesterday’s game was a daytime nightmare – arrrggg! I was bummed out until I went to the James Rodriguez reception that was hosted by Chris Bell, Carol Alvarado and the Faith in Texas PAC – it was a great event. The Lovely Wendy and James' Mom were also there. It turns out even Council Member Alvarado was a guest yesterday on one of the local sports talk shows and she gave her takes on Drayton and the ‘Stros.

I think it is time for Brad Lidge to get his job back. His therapy is over, heard it went well. Commentary still has faith though as we head into The Windy City for four.

June 8, 2007 9:00AM

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