By Marc Campos

State Dem Chair, Yard Parking

Woah! What's up with the Austin newspaper taking a major whack at Glen Maxey in an editorial today. Glen must have really p____d them off. I guess newspaper E-Boards know how to run state political parties. I finally got a mail piece from Boyd Richie yesterday. He wants to promote inclusion. Great! How about exclusion? How about excluding the folks that have been running the party for awhile - the same folks that have run the party into the ground.

I went to the yard yesterday with the Young Political Consultant that works for Commentary. It was an afternoon weekday game. Lot of folks played hooky from work. Parking was tough - lot of folks are already downtown at work. We had to park along the street by a parking meter. The meter was only good for 2 hours - but we knew the game would last longer. Lot of fans had to park along the street. The Parking Gods could have made a killing by sending out the meter patrol - glad they didn't. Hope One Of My Best Friends will let the Parking Gods know that on weekday afternoon games, fans deserve a break. It's a little difficult to come out during the seventh inning stretch to feed the meter. Oh, the 'Stros won thanks to a kid named Sampson - delighted, awwwww!

June 8, 2006, 9:00AM

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