By Marc Campos


I don't think I recall predicting that he would win, but I did volunteer for Julian Castro, last night's second place finisher for mayor of San Antonio. I admit it, I was on the losing side. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last time. Don't know much about his campaign, only learned about it from reading the online version of the SA Express News. I do know that a number of key Latino leaders supported his opponent. Do know that he was outspent. Do know that Henry Cisneros supported him. Do know that his opponent got a lot of the Repub vote in the runoff. Look forward to getting an objective take on the election.

Where have you gone Mrs. Robinson? One of the greatest actresses of all time - Anne Bancroft - passed away Monday. She had one of the coolest roles - Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" - in cinema history - right up there beside Vito Corleone, George Patton and Rick Blaine. She was also married to the funniest guy in the film industry - Mel Brooks. She was nominated five times for an Oscar - winning for "The Miracle Worker" - a very powerful film about Helen Keller. Talk about class, talk about Anne Bancroft.

Last night, future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez put it on the Astros. He threw a 2-hitter. Astros lost 3 to 1. Astro rookie Chris Burke busted Pedro's no hit bid in the 7th inning when he hit his first major league dinger. How many guys can say they hit their first career home run off of a Hall of Famer? Way to go Chris.

June 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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