By Marc Campos

Glen's Mail, Bidge, Rat's A__ Dept.

Yesterday, I received another mail piece from State Dem Chair candidate Glen Maxey. I think that's five pieces from Glen and none from Boyd. I know mail can be effective in a regular campaign, but I wonder if mail will be a major factor in a race where delegates are a lot more aware than a regular voter. The Glen mail pieces certainly bring up good ideas on how the State Dem Party should be run. We'll see in a few days.

The 'Stros finally win one. Roger debuts in Lexington. And Bidge? Bidge? Let's pay attention to what Craig Biggio is doing. He is currently #9 on the all time list for career doubles - 625. He's #39 on the all time list for career hits - 2854. Within a month, Bidge ought to pass Babe Ruth (2873) and Mel Ott (2876). By the end of the season, he'll probably catch Roger Hornsby (2930). FYI - Hornsby has the record for best batting average in a season - .424. Yikes!! That's why I love to watch and talk about baseball. Craig Biggio is another reason to hang out at the yard.

From "The Who Gives A Rat's A__ Department" - Duke University announced it was reinstating the men's lacrosse team, errr, polo without the horses.

June 7, 2006, 9:00AM

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