By Marc Campos

Dem Takes

Commentary thought heíd take it easy this morning since Iím the only Dem hanging around H-Town this weekend. It turns out Iíve been pressed into service related to the Lone Star State Dem Convention. Hey, Iím glad to help out just as long as Iím at The Yard by the first pitch tonight versus the Cardinals.

Speaking of, itís my understanding that Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman will meet at an undisclosed location before the game to see when Pujols will withdraw from the National League All Star balloting for First Baseman and endorse the Big Puma.

The Star Telegram had a blurb today about a group called PUMA that is organizing at the Dem Convention. It is made up of hard core Hillary supporters and PUMA stands for ďParty Unity My Arse!Ē I donít know about that. I like the Big Puma better.

It looks like the biggest fights at the convention (if you want to call them that) will be about who gets to go to Denver.

Commentary needs to be real careful on my takes on the ĎStros since the team is paying close attention to what I say. J.R. Towles was sent to Round Rock yesterday. Michael Bourne is getting less playing time.

Meanwhile, Stanford catcher Jason Castro was drafted in the first round yesterday by the ĎStros - good! I wonder how long it will take Jason Castro to make it to The Yard. Meanwhile, weíre eight out but home for nine games.

June 6, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary