By Marc Campos

Scoot Over

Thirty months my a__! Commentary doesn’t think Scooter will ever spend a day in jail. Make no mistake. W will pardon him before he gets to share a cell with the Enron fellas.

It looks like the Harris County GOP is starting to try to derail the Houston Mayor's bid for a higher office. CEWDEM put out a deal yesterday where the local GOP chair is calling out the Mayor on some financial report – yawn. Hey, if there is nothing positive to say about Guv Dude, The Lite Guv, or the soon to be Former Texas House Speaker, you may as well crack on the Houston Mayor.

Commentary checked out the Debate of the Pitiful last night, errr, the GOP Presidential Debate. Believe it or not, Ron Paul sounded the most lucid. Tancreature was hilariously scary. Catcher’s Mitt was the phoniest. McCain was the only fella that knew how to order off of a Mexican restaurant menu. It was good pre-game entertainment.

This is your brain on steroids. Detroit Tiger slugger Gary Sheffield says that the reason there are more Latinos than African Americans in Major League Baseball is because Latinos are easy to control – huh! I wonder if Sheffield had dinner with John Rocker this past weekend.

I guess they forgot to tell Numero 45 that he’s easy to control. He got plunked last night by the Rockies’ pitcher and he had to be restrained. Lucky most folks that were watching the game could not read lips in Spanish – yikes! He was fixing to give the opposing pitcher the old NS. Hey, we won – we’re making our move.

Clete Boyer died Monday. He played third base for the great Yankee teams of 1960 – 64. He was a good guy.

June 6, 2007 9:00AM

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