By Marc Campos

Immigration Farce, No No Hit, Dem Chair

Have you ever wondered why you don't ever see on TV the so called victims of the immigration debate? You never see Lou Dobbs and company trot out the American that says that he can't find a job busing dirty dishes back to the kitchen. Or the fella that complains because he can't get anyone to hire him so he can lug an 80 pound bag of roofing shingles up a ladder. We haven't seen the American step forward and say he wants to operate a leaf blower in 95 degree weather 10 hours day, but can't because paperless folks are getting all the leaf blower jobs. Where's the American that wants to show up at a downtown office building with a bottle of 409 that will clean the offices from 8 pm to dawn? Do these Americans even exist?

So far, the other side hasn't put forward the face of their story. So it is race.

Well, My Buddy and I sat with Drayton last night and I still couldn't bring the karma to the Astros. On the other hand, Cubbie pitcher Carlos Zambrano had a no-no going in the bottom of the 8th when Preston Wilson came up to bat. I was within earshot of Wilson and I told him to bust up CZ's no-no. Wilson did. So maybe I did help prevent a no-hitter against the Astros.

From where we sat, CZ wasn't overpowering - in fact, the Astros put the wood on the ball, it just landed in Cubbie gloves all night. Last night's Drayton guest list included the CEO of the Baylor College of Medicine and the fella that developed the frequent shopper card - you know the cards that you have on your key chain for grocery stores.

Texas Dems are heading to Fort Worth this week and will elect a State Dem Chair. I got another mail piece from Glen yesterday that listed two key endorsements. With all the email traffic going back and forth regarding the race, still haven't seen anyone make a solid prediction on the race - interesting.

June 6, 2006, 9:00AM

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