By Marc Campos

Wrong Issue

The GOP Latino fella that is running in the $350,000 Shelley Special Runoff is making immigration a big issue. Thatís one of the reasons Melissa Noriega will clobber him on June 16. Hey GOP Latino fella, city voters donít want H-Town to get into the immigration enforcement business. City voters are interested in trash pick-up, nice parks, more police, and speed bumps in their neighborhoods. Maybe future GOP candidates for city hall will get the message on June 16 that running against the paperless folks in H-Town wonít get you a seat at the council table.

Speaking of the $350,000 Shelley Special, some folks actually showed up to cast votes for James Rodriguez back on May 12. Iíd say thatís a good omen.

Speaking of James Rodriguez, Da Bell, One Of My Best Friends, and the Faith in Texas PAC will host a fundraiser for James this Thursday. Chris Bell and Carol Alvarado are huge supporters of James. For more info on the event, go to www.jamesforcouncil.com. Meanwhile, James continues to campaign and get ready for his wedding in 25 days Ė cool.

ďThe SopranosĒ comes to an end this Sunday and folks are getting wiped out. Regardless of how it ends, Phil Leotardo has to get his. They canít let him survive. Heís for sure on TVís all time bad guy list.

The ĎStros visit Coors Field tonight and folks will be talking about Willie T. I liked Willie T., but I like Hunter Pence better. I also like Jason Jennings and glad we made the trade. Weíre 8 back. Itís time to make our move.

June 5, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary