By Marc Campos

Congrats to Obama!

Heck, the way Commentary looks at it, three months ago I got to vote for a woman for Prez. In five months I get to vote for an African American for Prez.

The punditry pounced all over Hillary last night because she didn’t concede – oh, brother again! Hey, she just spent the last year and a half on the campaign trail. She racked up close to 18 mil votes. She has close to 2,000 delegates. Let her figure out her exit strategy.

Too much is being made this morning about how Hillary lost it. Hey, how about how Obama won it! He connected and got a whole lot of new people involved.

The Chron has a bit piece today on the Lone Star State Dem Prez sweepstakes winners and losers. Commentary doesn’t agree with the piece. We had us a record turnout so there really weren’t losers – maybe second place finishers.

Commentary won’t be going to Austin this weekend. I’m not a delegate. It’s all over anyway. I do hope delegates support Lenora Sorola-Pohlman for State Party Vice-Chair. Lenora and I may not always agree on local politics but she does work hard, has good political instincts, and is savvy. Plus, it would be nice to have an H-Town Latina as part of the State Party leadership in light of the fact that the H-Town area has the largest number of Latinos/Latinas in the Lone Star State. Commentary hopes that he hears nothing but good things from the State Convention. There is absolutely no reason for things to get personal at this point. Ya’ll behave now! I’ll be at The Yard checking out the Cards.

Lance Berkman holds a commanding lead in delegates in the National League race for First Baseman. Albert Pujols is running second. As of yesterday, Berkman had 585,369 delegates to Pujols’ 489,394. Pujols is reportedly being urged by fellow NLers to concede the race to the Big Puma so he can get ready to take on the ALers at the July 15 All Star Classic in D.C.

In the NL race for Shortstop, Florida’s Hanley Ramirez has a slight lead of 7,644 delegates over the Astros’ Miguel Tejada. Major League Baseball’s Rules Committee is allowing Florida’s fans to cast ballots at full strength.

We’re still seven out.

June 4, 2008 9:00AM

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