By Marc Campos

Primary Issues

The Chron had a front page story this past Saturday about Texas being left out of the presidential picking process next year. Back in 2005 we knew we would be picking a new president in 2008, so why didnít our leaders and the press start a statewide discussion back then on moving the primaries? Switching elections days is pretty serious business. I want my party leaders to have a discussion with party activists before they decide to move an election.

Speaking of leadership, since we wonít be participating on 2/5/2008, why donít we have a presidential candidate debate here in H-Town on Texas/Latino issues. Letís get the local newspaper, maybe the Spanish language TV station, both local political parties, the Partnership, and the Hispanic Chamber to sponsor back to back debates. It can be carried live on Univision Ė Iím sure the Mini Men and English Only folks would love it. Iím sure the candidates would dig coming to H-Town. They can raise money when they are here.

Question Ė is there a presidential candidate debate scheduled in Texas before the end of the year Ė just asking?

Well, Dante got the honors yesterday to set the pace for the Kids Run The Bases event at the yard after the game. Dante is pretty fast. Commentary and Danteís Mom had their mugs on the tube during Fridayís game Ė cool.

Jason Lane and his .165 batting average are on their way to Round Rock. Chris Burke is now wearing the Brick Red. Weíre 8 and Ĺ out and hurting. We need some more caballos.

June 4, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary