By Marc Campos

Starting Tomorrow

The punditry is going to wake up tomorrow morning and realize that they won’t have Hillary to work over – them days are over. Now what!

The hard core Obama supporters will wake up and freak out over the possibility of having Hillary on the ticket. Hey, don’t worry, she won’t accept.

Latinos, working class Anglos, and older White women, will get wooed by both sides.

Folks in the H-Town area will now realize that we also have us some key local races going on.

“I’m Spartacus!” One of “The Defiant Ones” is 83 years young today. “Some Like it Hot!” In one movie back in the 50’s, he kills his co-star toward the end of the movie with a sword. A couple of years later, the same co-star does him in at the end of a movie with a knife. The co-star was Kirk Douglas. The movies – “The Vikings” and “Spartacus.” His only Oscar nomination was for Best Actor in “The Defiant Ones.” His co-star Sidney Poitier also received a Best Actor nomination. Happy Birthday Tony Curtis!

Since Hillary is a big Cubbie fan, maybe I can get the Hillary bashers to now focus their attention on bashing the Cubbies now that we’re seven games out – yikes!

June 3, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary