By Marc Campos

We Also Did It

There are some folks that are cracking on Governor Rick Perry for his planned legislative bill signing at a Fort Worth church this Sunday. The Guv is planning to sign the parental consent for minors seeking an abortion bill and a proclamation of some sort that calls for the election on the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Critics are saying that this violates the separation of church-state principles.

Back in 1984, Texas Governor Mark White signed landmark legislation that extended workers' compensation benefits to farmworkers. The bill signing ceremony was held at the Shrine of la Virgen de San Juan del Valle in San Juan, Texas - The Valley. The Shrine is a Catholic institution where regular mass is held throughout the week and on Saturdays and Sundays - it is a church.

Commentary - before Commentary - worked for Governor White and helped organize the 1984 bill signing ceremony. The ceremony was actually held on the front steps of the Shrine, but it was still on church property. As I recall, those in attendance included Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby, former state reps Al Luna and Alex Moreno, the late Tony Korioth - an Austin attorney who spearheaded the effort to craft the legislation, and a couple of hundred farmworkers. Don't recalled getting cracked on for holding a bill signing ceremony at a religious institution.

June 3, 2005, 9:00AM

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