By Marc Campos

Two More Days, Two More Days!

Two days before it is going to be all over, Dem Primary voters spoke again and gave the nominee a 68% to 32 %, 141,000 vote-plus drubbing. Watching the CNN punditry is getting kind of comical these days. Yesterday the Puerto Rican Dem voters said we don’t give a rat’s arse what the punditry says and the punditry responded by saying well not enough of you turned out to vote and you don’t get to vote in November anyway. Oh, brother! Say what you want about Hillary and of course everyone has an opinion about her, but she did end up the primary season with the most votes. Speaking of, One Of My Best Friends traveled to Puerto Rico this past weekend to campaign for Hillary. Way to go Carol!

Veronica Juarez got some very good run in yesterday’s Chron on an article about young Dem Delegates that are going to this weekend’s State Convention. Way to go Veronica! Check out the article.

Commentary’s good friend, Edgar Colon, was appointed to serve as Chair of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation. Edgar, an attorney, is the past Chair of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The appointment was made by the Harris County Judge and will have to be approved by the Commissioners Court. The Sports and Convention Corp. will have a say on what to do with the proposed redevelopment of the Astrodome. Commentary is glad to see a Latino appointed to head an appointed board/commission. Too often the appointers just appoint folks of color to serve as members and most of the time never as the Chair on a lot of the boards/commissions in Houston/Harris County. Even though Commentary isn’t going to vote for GOP Harris County Judge, I’m glad he appointed Edgar, who by the way reads Commentary and is also a huge baseball fan.

Sally Kellerman is 71 years young today. Happy Birthday Hot Lips O’Houlihan!

Jerry Mather, errr The Beaver is 60 – yikes! Happy Birthday Beav!

Commentary had some “Sex in the City” this weekend. Try it, you’ll like it.

Morgan Ensberg is no longer on the NY Yankee roster.

I hope the Astros are still reading Commentary. If so, the J.R. Towles experiment should come to a screeching halt. An MLB team cannot expect to contend with a catcher that is only hitting a buck forty-five. Also, it would probably be a good idea to give Darin Erstad a whole lot more playing time and give Michael Bourn a whole lot more bench time. The bad new is we’re six and a half back. The good news is the Chron predicted we would be 25-32 by the end of May. We ended up 30-27. The other good news is that we’ve played 34 on the road and only 24 at home. It is time to make some moves and a move!

June 2, 2008 9:00AM

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