By Marc Campos

The Consultant Shuffle

Lose an election. Happens to ALL political consultants. Nobody is 30 Ws and zero Ls. If they tell you they are, watch their nose grow.

Commentary loses an election, says we didn't do our job. We screwed up. What could have I done differently? One time in a high profile campaign, we got clobbered and I told the folks that were involved in the campaign when the results came in - "we got our a__es handed to us."

Some consultants lose an election and say - "my candidate didn't raise enough money," "the stars weren't lined up right" or my favorite - "the candidate didn't listen to me." Some consultants go out of their way to avoid a role in the loss.

Are they afraid that the next candidate/client is actually going to believe that losing consultant had no role in the loss of a previous race?

Remember earlier this year when some Austin based website published a list of the most powerful consultants in Texas. Why not take it to another level and publish a list of the worst consultants?

June 2, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

"High Powered Consultants"