By Marc Campos


My PR Agent mentions at the end of her Chron column today a possible Texas Dem candidate for the U.S. Senate. Letís see, the current Texas U.S. Senators used to be State Treasurer and State A.G. before they ran and won. Senator Bentsen was a congressman and county judge before he ran and won. Phil Gramn was a congressman before he ran and won. Heck, even my friend Bob Krueger used to be a congressman, ambassador and Railroad Commissioner before he was appointed for a few months. John Tower, elected around 46 years ago, was the last fella to win from nowhere.

So now, this attorney from San Antonio that used to be from Corpus Christi is considering making the race. I wonder if heís ever been to H-Town. I wonder if he knows about Commentaryís hood. I wonder if heís been to The Roundtable. I wonder if Vegas will post odds on this race Ė very interesting.

What did I tell you? Serrefine! Quipu! Come on! I think they invent words for the national spelling bee tournament.

Berkman had a three run dinger, Biggio had three hits, Numero 45 had two RBIs, and Hunter had two doubles Ė thatís how you win. Roy O. pitches tonight against the Cards. Commentary and Danteís Mom are devising a plan to sneak into the Diamond Club Level tonight so I can advise Drayton on how to extend the current one game winning streak. Iím sure he will also want an update on the James Rodriguez campaign Ė stay tuned. Letís go for two in a row and see you at the yard!

June 1, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary