By Marc Campos

Julian's Baggage

It would be difficult to elect a VERY young Latino to follow a VERY young Latino with a mixed record at best. That's the assessment by a respected political consultant on the campaign for mayor of San Antonio. The consultant isn't the only one with this take.

Same thing - sort of - was said when State Representative Sylvester Turner was running for mayor of the city of Houston in 2003. Back then, a major player told me that Houstonians would be reluctant to support another African American for mayor because then Mayor Lee P. Brown also had a "mixed record at best." FYI: Commentary - before Commentary - consulted on Lee Brown's mayoral campaigns and thinks Mayor Brown did a pretty good job overall.

If a female candidate emerges as a serious contender in the 2009 mayoral race in Houston, betcha she'll be compared to former Mayor Kathy Whitmire. If she's single, count on it.

White dudes are never held to this standard. Never hear anyone say - "folks won't support another white dude because the incumbent white dude has a "mixed record at best."

It reminds me of the old redistricting wars of 1991. I was asked by a white dude why I thought it was important to have more Latinos elected to office. My reply - white folks have done a pretty good job of screwing things up in politics, why not give Latinos a chance to screw things up.

On another matter, now that Deep Throat has been revealed, maybe Carly Simon will now step forward and let us know who was "so vain."

June 1, 2005, 9:00AM

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