By Marc Campos

Britney Horton?

Let’s see now. We’re fighting a couple of wars, gasoline is still around $4 a gallon, folks are losing their homes, you have to pay extra to take your suitcase on vacation, and the national debate is about a couple of “bad" celebrities.

Will Britney Spears/Paris Hilton be this year’s Willie Horton? We will find out in less than a hundred days. Don’t be surprised if the GOP starts referring to the press traveling with Obama as the paparazzi.

Everybody is going green nowadays. The Mayor has the City of H-Town in Go Green Mode. Pam-In-Charge has the ‘Stros in Play Green gear. Now the local Budweiser brewery is going the Green Beer way – cool.

Authorities released a grainy photo of the lead suspect that allegedly torched Guv Dude’s Pad. He was wearing a cap with a Longhorn logo. Way to go Sherlock! That narrows down the suspect list to around half a kazillion guys up in Austin.

Sweet Marisa celebrated her one year anniversary with the ‘Stros yesterday – congrats. She also had jumbotron duties. The ‘Stros thanked Sweet Marisa by falling thirteen and a half back. The Chron said we would be 52-55 by the end of July. We haven’t actually played up to expectations – we’re 50-57 – yikes!

July 31, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary