By Marc Campos

GOP Moves and James at The Yard

Either the Lone Star State GOP doesn’t take the Dem threat serious or they just made a monumental goof up. Commentary is trying to figure this one out. Former losing GOP State Rep Talmadge Heflin has been named Executive Director of the Texas GOP – huh? When you think of or look at Heflin, you see the poster boy for what’s wrong with the Lone Star State GOP. The guy looks tired, he appears out of touch – heck, I don’t even think he knew who he was representing in his final days in the Texas House. To say he’s “old school” is being complimentary. I don’t think he gets it. Of course, maybe they have a long term plan that Commentary isn’t even considering, like going out and snatching up the first born of every family of color in the Lone Star State, you know, future Dem voters.

One thing about W’s VP, he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what America thinks. He’s still sticking with Scooter. Speaking of, the VP had a pace maker tune up this past weekend. I wonder for how long he gave up his authority to W while under the scalpel.

Talk about a cool fundraiser – one of a kind so to speak, James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I, is having a fundraiser at The Yard this Thursday, hosted by my friend Drayton McLane, Jr. You see, James used to be a ‘Stros batboy in his days as a kid so the organization knows and likes James. The Yard is also in District I. Those that go to the fundraiser will be treated to ballpark grub. In addition, special tours of the clubhouse will be provided, plus folks will get to have photos taken of them acting like they just hit a grand salami or pitched a no no.

Speaking of The Yard, Dante’s Mom gave Commentary one of those Caballitos on a stick, so he was my guest at the game this past Sunday. Commentary is kind of in his 50s, so a lot of folks were checking me out talking to my Caballito on a stick. He sat by me. He was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any foul ball action. We’re in Atlanta for three – yikes!

July 31, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary