By Marc Campos

Local, Local, Local

Remember when Obama came to town a couple of months ago and folks got all excited. Has the local Obama excitement died? Unlike the Hillary supporters here in H-Town that seem to be organized to some degree, the local Obama effort appears to have fizzled. Commentary knows who the local Hillary leaders are. I don’t know who the Obama leaders are. That ought to tell you something.

The Texas legislature passed a bill this past session calling for ‘roid testing for high school athletes. It turns out, if the first test comes up positive and additional tests are required, the student has to shell out big bucks to pay for them. Of course, we all know the ‘roid testing companies are going to get into the act and make some big money so they will figure out a way to get additional testing, errr fix the tests. Guess who gets penalized - low income student athletes. They won’t have the money to pay for additional testing, so they will get run out of student athletics. Way to go Texas Legislators.

One of our Harris County Commissioners wants to raise private funds to help build a Soap Box Derby racetrack, errr hill. You know, one of those tracks where kids build an engine free ride and let it roll down a race course. That’s pretty cool. Just make sure that when Latinos start showing up with their souped up low rider art car looking soap box derby rides that they don’t get run.

Commentary is fixing to go on a mission. Dante and I went to The Yard Saturday and parked on the street that had a parking meter. We tried to feed the machine some quarters but it “rejected” the coins. After about five minutes of parking meter futility, we headed to The Yard. After the game, we got back to the car and there was a parking ticket slapped on my windshield. I again checked the meter and it still would not take quarters. Those idiots at the City of H-Town parking department still don’t have their act together. I’ll contest the citation but I don’t expect positive results. I wonder if they will allow Dante to be a witness?

Bob Costas is a chump period. He let himself get called into the Barry, Barry, Barry debate. He could have easily stood above the fray. Instead he got in a cheap shot. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ty Wigginton is the new ‘Stros third baseman, Morgan Ensberg is looking for a job.

The ‘Stros scored 11 runs yesterday, the Padres scored 18 – yikes! There are 57 games left, 28 at home to see B-G-O, B-G-O!

July 30, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary