By Marc Campos

Votes No!

On the front page of yesterdayís Chron, there was an interesting story on the number of voters that are expected to be registered to vote in Harris County this November. Check it out.

What gets me about the article is that it looks like the two local political parties havenít done a very good job of registering NEW voters. What also gets me about the article is that the Dems havenít gone out and registered NEW LATINO voters. Whatís the hold-up?

It looks like the Chronís E-Board Insider has weighed in with an editorial today on the City Council District I East End homeless shelter debate. H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez and former Council Member Carol Alvarado got some run in the editorial. Check it out.

There is also an article today in the Chron on the latest on the shelter. Check it out. In a related development, H-Town mayoral candidate and current Council Member Peter Brown passionately defended and supported the shelter at the last city council meeting. Heck, his remarks were even carried on one of the local newscasts. Apparently, Brown has now seen the light and opposes the shelter. I guess he figured out that East End residents vote and homeless folks donít.

As most Major League Baseball fans know, this Thursday is the trading deadline for teams. The Chron says today that the Red Sox are interested in trading for our own Miguel Tejada who is batting .284. I donít know about that. What we do need is some better pitching. Speaking of, other than giving up that Grand Salami last night, Roy O did A-OK. Commentary did some plotting and catching up with James and Edgar at The Yard last night as the ĎStros won and weíre still twelve and a half back.

July 29, 2008 9:00AM

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